Top Tips – Using Social Media to Boost Your Company

Top Tips - Using Social Media to Boost Your Company

Social Media has been one of, if not, the fastest growing use of promotion in the recent years. Companies of all different sizes have had to react and change their businesses to take advantage of this new way of connecting to people. Therefore, in this blog I will address some of the ways you can use social media to raise awareness for your company.

Creating a strategy is key! Don’t go rushing into any social media platform just because you know it’s popular. Consider all the possible options and decide which would fit best with your type of company and your audience. For example, if your business is heavily based on photography and promoting images then Instagram would be perfect as it posts focus on visuals instead of text. However, Instagram wouldn’t be the best choice for selling work tools as potential customers are looking information about the product, not what it looks like. To fully optimise your businesses, choose the right social media platform.

Next, Social Media is great for connecting with people however, it can get annoying if someone is constantly posting. Therefore, it is important to keep the content balanced so followers are informed but not annoyed. Quality always comes before quantity, creating 3 well informed posts a day is enough to keep followers engaged and not frustrated.

Creativity is massive when it comes to social media. Followers don’t want to see boring, repeated posts. Followers will share posts to friends increasing your views and the popularity of your site. Consider your followers and their demographic when creating posts. For example, posts which are outside of the box and relate to followers will be much more popular than videos which have been repeated.

Finally, engaging with your followers is vital to social media. Provoking ideas and questions from your followers is a main way of growing your company. The feedback you get it critical as you know this is what your audience wants to make your company more successful.

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